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ILTA WHITE PAPER: JULY 2015 WWW.ILTANET.ORG 44 SEVEN WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR ENTERPRISE SEARCH are, you would give up with no idea where to start. Organizations must think of their document taxonomy structure as part of the search process. Just like the expected organization of a library, your users expect the organization of documents to fall into a predictable set and subset of categories. Before implementing a major overhaul to your enterprise search, evaluate your entire search environment, starting with how you structure your taxonomy. Without a proper taxonomy configuration that makes sense to your users, you can sabotage the success of your search application. LET THE SEARCH BEGIN Only 38 percent of organizations in Findwise's 2013 survey said they planned on implementing a search strategy. At the same time, the JRC 2013 report noted that companies are losing an average 14 percent of their revenue by not leveraging their internal information. Implementing an enterprise search system is important to reducing this lost revenue. Using these seven tips will help your organization implement an enterprise search application that will not only leverage your internal content but ultimately satisfy your users as well. 64% 79% 38% Most companies over 1,000 employees have accumulated between 100 terabytes and one petabyte of information 200 billion email messages are sent every day On average, organizations are losing 14 percent of revenue to not being able to leverage their information 64% of employees think it is di•cult to •nd the right information internally. 79% of employees think •nding information is of high importance. Only 38% of respondents have a plan to impement a search strategy. WHY YOU NEED SEARCH NOT SO SURPRISING ENTERPRISE SEARCH STATS According to the Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2013 According to "Enterprise Search in the European Union: A Techno-Economic Analysis"

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