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ILTA WHITE PAPER: JULY 2015 WWW.ILTANET.ORG 32 Surviving Disruption: KM's Role in the Future Law Firm About the Author Jamila Mather possesses a legal background and knowledge management experience. Most recently, Jamila developed the knowledge management strategy for the creation of a searchable legal precedent database at a prominent regional law firm. Jamila's scope of practice includes legal research and analysis, legal writing, knowledge management and project coordination. Contact her at About the Author Joel Alleyne is a management consultant, researcher, teacher and entrepreneur. He has served clients for over 30 years, working with professional services firms and law firms across the Americas and Europe. Joel's scope of practice includes knowledge management, information management, information technology and project management. Contact him at Predicting the future is fraught with problems. Many who try, fail. Nevertheless, at any point in time, what we see emerging on the periphery of an industry are often the seeds of the future. Law is no different. Powerful technological, economic, regulatory and social forces present unprecedented challenges and opportunities for law firms. Tom Clay, a principal at legal consulting firm Altman Weil, Inc., observed in a May 13, 2015 article in Legal Tech News: "The recession disrupted the legal market status quo in a number of ways that some firms are managing better than others. It is a buyer's "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future." — Niels Bohr

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