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Spring 2015

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PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGA ZINE OF ILTA 38 FEATURES Distrust anyone who claims to forecast the future and is not wealthy beyond all imagining. They're no good at their job. With that qualification in mind, you can look closely at the present legal marketplace and discern some trends you can use to plan your career in legal technology. Notwithstanding the veils that prevent us from forecasting an exact future, I think you can use certain obvious market conditions to inform your career choices. And, if you do, you'll increase the odds you will at least be gainfully employed when the future rolls around. With any luck or acuity you might be positively thriving, while your less perceptive peers hunker down to endure the ravages of an age they don't understand. So pay attention. Editor's Note: John Alber is the father of ILTA's Law2020 initiative and is a true futurist.

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