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WWW.ILTANET.ORG 19 on a license while exposing the firm to millions of dollars in punitive damages from copyright violations. Practice Group Support: The efficiency and ROI for practice resources can be optimized by embedding information professionals in practice groups. An aligned information professional will become familiar with the practice, assess products, train lawyers and advise on the integration of knowledge products with workflows. They can assist with competitive intelligence alerts and help manage the resource budget. Practice Portals: Information professionals can develop intranet pages and portals that house links to digital practice resources such as treatises, statutes and databases, which can then be integrated with internal resources and other workflow tools. Professional Development: Information strategists can work with Kluwer have tools that can compress a week-long, 50-state legislative survey into a two-minute process. Public records products execute a due diligence search in seconds. Law librarians and information professionals are familiar with these tools and can offer sound advice regarding their use. Risk Management (Information Quality): While every lawyer can perform a Google search, studies show most people never look beyond the first page. Client support research requires the right thing, not just something. Information professionals can search for and identify the most reliable and current data or resource to support a client need. Risk Management (Licensing): Licensing, mapping lawyer workflow to determine the size of licenses needed, is one of the most complex and underrated activities undertaken by legal information professionals. There is nothing more foolish than saving a few thousand dollars Business Development/Marketing: Information professionals help procure resources and optimize business development and marketing budgets by repurposing content from existing resources such as Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg BNA to feed alerts, build dossiers and inform management decision-making. Pricing and AFAs: Information strategists can help pricing professionals identify opportunities to streamline workflows by leveraging hidden process improvement functions in existing resources. Information products from Valeo and ALM Legal Intelligence can identify competitive pricing data. Process Improvement: Intelligize has streamlined SEC and Comment letter research. Thomson Reuters Practical Law provides checklists, templates, model documents and commentary. Many legal vendors such as Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Bloomberg BNA and Wolters

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