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BEST PRACTICES PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGA ZINE OF ILTA 18 Research Monitor, LookUp Precision and Quatrove help law firms measure the value of their dollars spent on individual information resources. products are often the launch point for new productivity tools, information professionals need to be integrated into firmwide process improvement teams so everyone can benefit from these value- added solutions. Predictive Solutions: Big data solutions are offering information professionals predictive insights. Manzama is a product that can capture spikes in social media activity. This can be an indicator of business development opportunities for clients that might be affected by emerging regulatory, M&A or litigation issues. Lex Machina analyzes IP litigation data, giving insights into case assessments and predicting behavior of opposing counsel or judges based on their history in similar cases. Metrics: Over the past decade, information professionals have harnessed the value of metrics by managing digital resources. Products such as Onelog, Law librarians and information professionals connect technology and law with the multitude of commercial, social, literary, technical and scientific issues which stream through legislation, case law and transactional activities. Living at the intersection of content and technology, they are well-positioned to optimize both the management and practice of law, and they have earned a seat at the table of any process improvement initiative. CONNECT KNOWLEDGE AND PROCESS Here are areas in which information professionals should be involved at your firm: Productivity: In 2013, Thomson Reuters Legal announced they were no longer a content company; they were a productivity and solution company. Lexis, Bloomberg BNA and Wolters Kluwer are also bolting productivity onto their research platforms. Since research About the Author Jean P. O'Grady is the Director of Research Services & Libraries at DLA Piper US, LLP. She has over 25 years of experience developing strategic knowledge initiatives for large law firms. She holds a JD from Fordham University School of Law and a master's degree in library science from St. John's University. Jean is also a member of the New York State Bar and the founder and editor of the award-winning blog Dewey B Strategic. Contact her at Info Professionals Connect Knowledge Lawyers have traditionally been in the business of selling hours, but today's client wants to buy results, not attorney time. This new buyers' market is forcing firms to identify ways of driving efficiency and process improvement, and information professionals are uniquely positioned to help. An aligned information professional will become familiar with the practice, assess products, train lawyers and advise on the integration of knowledge products with workflows.

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