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14 PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF ILTA | WINTER 2016 BEST PRACTICES Certification To Boost Your Information Governance Career Certification To Boost Your Information Governance Career How does an individual determine the course of action that will spur his or her career to new heights in information governance? Certificates vs. Certification The term "certificate" is oen used interchangeably with the term "certification." However, they are quite different. As summarized in the following table, a certificate program is directed toward helping an individual gain specialized knowledge. It's usually a one-time effort. A certification is a longer-term commitment and validates competency and knowledge the individual has gained through a combination of education and experience. For information governance professionals, it might be advantageous to pursue both certificates and certifications. by Diane K. Carlisle Today's organizations are developing and offering new ways for individuals to demonstrate their expertise in the hunt for employment and job advancement. Some individuals pursue every possible credential, hoping that one of them will catch a potential employer's attention. Others are more directed in their approach and seek to show a deep knowledge in a specific area — again, hoping to catch an employer's eye, but through specialization.

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