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76 A S K A L A W Y E R For each issue of Peer to Peer, ILTA will post an open question in the ILTA Communities, where we will ask the lawyers a question with a technical twist. For this inaugural question, we posit: What does innovation mean to you? I am on the more skeptical side of "innovation" (as I expect are most senior partners). While there is a small place for "skunk works" style development, which finds solutions to problems no one knew existed and bets on the one-in-a-million discovery, I expect that most firms would be better served (and realize a greater return on their investment) by establishing a formal process for identifying existing problems (of attorneys and clients) and developing solutions to those problems (whether by developing new processes/systems or implementing established best practice applied to well- established system). As a firm systematically addresses current needs, unanticipated discoveries will likely be made and new skills will develop, establishing a fertile environment in which true innovation can take root. A focus on "innovation" risks diverting resources from finding solutions to real problems to imaginary ones. Patrick Dundas Associate Schulte Roth & Zabel New York, NY To me innovation really breaks down into three things: can I do it better, can I do it faster, can I do it cheaper? And of course the holy grail add on: does it make my day more fun? It's really easy to tag loads of things as innovation, but are they – sometimes they make things harder, or more convoluted, because it's just the movement of a human thing to a tech thing (you now, I could do something on paper, and it's saved, but I get an app to do it but the app's not designed for offline use – that's not a paper innovation!). Good innovation is sticky, you want to use it, or it's invisible, you don't know you're using it, but somehow things are easier. Maybe innovation is like ducks: if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Vanessa Barnett Consultant Solicitor Keystone Law London Innovation means changing how we work so that every minute of time is even more valuable than before. With true innovation, I seek collaborative technolo that improves teamwork and coordination, facilitates uninterrupted productivity and mobility, and increases profitability by driving down costs – all without sacrificing high security expectations. Michele C.S. Lange, ESQ. Vice President, Legal Marketing, Workstorm Chicago, IL "Innovation" to me is a positive change resulting in objectives being met with greater efficiency, effectiveness and/or profitability. Brad Newman Practice Innovation Manager / Staff Attorney Cooley LLP San Francisco, CA I N N O VAT I O N I S A T E R M T H AT E V E R Y O N E C A N D E F I N E , B U T T H O S E D E F I N I T I O N S VA R Y W I D E L Y A N D O F T E N D E P E N D O N H O W I N N O VAT I O N TO U C H E S U P O N Y O U R D A I L Y TA S K S .

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