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34 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER OFFICE 365 Using Office 365 as Legal DMS When considering a migration utility, you will discover one of the great benefits of moving to Office 365. You will no longer be limited to the few partners with utilities for your legacy platform; instead, you will now have the enormous Microso partner Eco system. There you can find good migration tools sold under license as "do it yourself " tools, like ShareGate, or find a partner with developed best practice tools to do the migration for you. Your tools are ready, you completed your test migrations, you certified that required metadata from your legacy system has been mapped to open metadata field properties in SharePoint and SharePoint is configured to use them effectively. What other advice can I offer you? Migrate your content in two steps. Step one is called the initial migration. Step two is the delta migration. If you have the right tool and team of professionals you can review all the migrated content from the initial migration, and only migrate the changes (deltas) in the second step. By following this procedure, you can migrate all desired content to Office 365 at your own pace. The future of maer collaboration is here - make sure you get there. ILTA MARCEL LANG As the resident expert par excellence of legal technology, Marcel brings forth everything for legal IT. His specialties in document and records management, CRM and archiving, in combination with an in-depth legal compliance and risk management knowledge base, easily provide for the unique needs of law firms and legal departments. Marcel can be reached at, or on the web at The Holy Grail of Document and Matter Management Achieved With Office 365 you have chosen world-class security and compliance, and with the added Office 365 Compliance Center dashboard you can audit your data from a single interface. Users can upload documents using a browser or Microsoft Office applications and manage their matters from the Group within Outlook, a browser or the mobile app. Sharing with external users has been simplified, collaboration is immediate and intuitive and it can be done on an iPad. Want to execute workflows, records management or litigation hold? It is nearly "push a button" easy. The Group has tremendous capabilities by default and third parties are now developing connectors, so what whatever is missing is on its way. Office 365 connectors allow you to bring real-time information and content into your Office 365 Group. There are already hundreds of connectors you can use and configure for production deployment. As an example, The Twitter connector picks up on any tweets regarding a client so it flows directly into the matter and notifies users by email or text. Using Microsoft Teams Firms using Office 365 Groups can use Microsoft Teams to provide users with a communication method other than email for collaboration. A Team gives users the ability to chat with other members, so by setting up a Team per Group (and thus per matter), Team members can chat about matters. The chats are persistent, meaning members can see the whole thread; they are also searchable. Since Teams is a separate desktop application, all matter content can be viewed in a single interface. Users can have multiple channels viewable as tabs in the Teams interface. These tabs can point to others applications like OneNote, planner, the DMS files in SharePoint, etc. and external applications like time entry and billing applications, CRM and BI reports. Using Teams allows users to get to all matter-related information in a single, highly intuitive interface which views like a matter dashboard, without the need to leave the application. Unlike the "all in one" solutions we have seen for years, firms can now have a fully custom experience utilizing out-of-the-box Microsoft technology. Firms can use a Microsoft partners to help integrate their current applications into a Team for the best matter management working environment. ILTA BEYOND GROUPS

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