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OFFICE 365 24 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER The Proof Is in the Program: Five Office 365 Add-Ins that Transform Text The Proof Is in the Program: Five Office 365 Add-Ins that Transform Text "Deadline" is one of the most stress-inducing words for lawyers and staff. And oddly enough, the deadline is usually now—or yesterday. Despite continuous reports of underutilization across law firms of all sizes, we always seem to work until the last minute. We seem unable to get ahead, and live in constant fear of making a mistake. Regardless of firm size or practice area, legal draing, editing and proofreading is at the heart of deadline pressure. Proofreading is a pain point for every legal professional involved in the draing process. Despite how trivial it might seem, proofreading truly maers. It's important because the cleanliness of legal documents is a proxy for the substantive quality of the work. How a document is perceived reflects on the reputation of every person associated with it. Surveys show that lawyers average over three hours each week proofreading, and staff are spending many more. That time can't be eliminated, but with technology, it can be cut. Several legal-specific proofreading add-ins for Office 365 do exactly that. No single add-in covers every aspect of legal proofreading and editing. This review highlights five add-ins, helping you to select those that are right for your work. The products are: » WordRake (, PC only » PerfectIt (, PC and Mac » Compass (, PC and Mac » Contract Tools (, PC only » Contract Companion (, PC and Mac by Ivy B. Grey, author of American Legal Style for PerfectIt

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