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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 55 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER Training, KM and Performance Support: Delivering Knowledge to Users While They Work Training, KM and Performance Support: Delivering Knowledge to Users While They Work The annual ILTACON conference is a fantastic place for everyone in the legal technology community to meet and exchange ideas. This is as true for vendors as for the many consumers from law firms, in- house law departments and public agencies. At ILTACON, vendors feel the pulse of the community and learn where the sector is moving. At the 2016 conference, our team noted an interesting new development: knowledge management (KM) professionals are increasingly becoming directly involved in technology training. While this has been so in other sectors for several years, the trend is relatively new in legal, most likely because our sector is driven by the nature of the work that law firms and legal departments do and how they do it. Since last year's conference, we have focused on understanding where and how the distinct disciplines of KM and technology training might intersect and how the technology supporting that interaction might look. It is interesting that in the months since the 2016 conference, current and potential clients have asked about the intersection of training and KM with no prompting. These two complementary disciplines might best intersect in "performance support." Performance support is a philosophical approach to learning that focuses on delivering information to learners at their moment of need during the natural workflow, rather than through a scheduled session designated for learning. Definitions and Differences Before delving into how performance support might be the intersection between technology training and KM, we need to clarify what we are discussing when we speak of training and KM. While KM might be newer to law firms than technology training, KM might by Oliver Lash-Williams of TutorPro

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