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8 PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF ILTA | FALL 2016 BEST PRACTICES KM with Document Automation: A Game-Changer for Client Service KM with Document Automation: A Game-Changer for Client Service A recent survey by Thomson Reuters and ALM found that client service was the top knowledge management (KM) priority for 2016, with over 40 percent of law firm professionals agreeing. As document automation tools are being offered in KM solutions, law firms find that they can enhance client service in innovative ways. A firm's ability to take client service to a new level can create an important competitive differentiator, seing it apart from rival firms. Continuity and Consistency Knowledge management helps ensure a firm provides consistent, quality service to its clients. Client knowledge and work history are captured and retained by the firm rather than individual aorneys, meaning the quality of client service is not affected by factors such as aorney turnover, changes of assignment, etc. Firms can maintain continuity and the same high level of service at all times. Document automation tools bring even greater capabilities to the KM solution. With particularly complex documents, such as those requiring multidiscipline and multijurisdictional knowledge, the research and analysis is maintained in document automation templates long aer a maer is closed. The templates can be easily applied to similar maers. In addition, use of document automation tools in KM solutions enhances quality and consistency across Knowledge management is often seen as an efficiency enhancer — a tool that leverages information so you can avoid reinventing the wheel to create effective work product, saving time for the firm and costs to clients. The one thing missing from that definition is that KM can also play a critical role in enhancing client service. by Kimberly Stein KIMBERLY STEIN Kimberly Stein is a manager at West km. She can be contacted at kimberly.

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