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58 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Machine-Learning Algorithms Are Still Kind of Stupid Three Examples of Innovation KM practitioners must apply these abstract concepts in the practical world. At an industry-agnostic conference I participated with in Portugal called Social Now, a series of vendors presented to a panel of fictitious business consultants. When asked how they could best assist CompanyX from a business KM standpoint, the vendors shared three great examples that tie global consumer KM and AI research and development into practical applications targeting knowledge sharing and KM processes. » Mango Apps exemplifies the bring-it-to-me aspect of the intranet that adapts to behaviors. It has a built-in ROI tool that measures the time an individual using the interface saves relative to time spent per month. » IBM Connections uses Watson to deliver an AI-driven mood and tone analyzer within its interface that analyzes the content within email. While still in beta, it provides the ability for AI and behavioral reporting analysis to adapt to our social communications shares and platforms. » nooQ delivers circle-driven content, a creative interface for process visualization. The circles expand with relevance to the user. This also incorporates behavioral adaptation toward the individuals and positions within the company, allowing companies to measure process, roles and workflow, learn about the individuals, and beer manage their organizations. Look to the Future Looking ahead even three years, investment and innovations by high-tech corporations within AI will transform both internal and external (consumer) KM the world over. As KM leaders, we must take these investments into account as we build our strategies given their potential to rewrite our understanding of process, efficiencies and how we organize. If machine-learning is still relatively stupid today, just wait for the smart we can expect in the future. ILTA ERIC HUNTER Eric Hunter is the Director of Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Strategies at Bradford & Barthel, LLP and Executive Director of Spherical Models, LLC. Eric leads the Spherical Models team, focusing on innovations in big data, process innovation, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, futurism, strategic pricing and social and collaborative cloud solutions. With a background in music and the high- tech corporate world, Eric blends these perspectives to continually develop creative innovations within business- driven initiatives. He was the recipient of The Global KM Congress' 2015 Global Knowledge Leadership Award and ILTA's 2010 Distinguished Peer Awards for Knowledge Management Champion and Innovative Member. Eric is on the editorial board for Managing Partner magazine, published the book "The Sherlock Syndrome, Strategic Success Through Big Data and the Darwinian Disruption" and has given a TedX talk on the book in Pocklington, U.K. entitled "Harmony and Analytics: Building Predictive Organizations." Contact Eric at ehunter@bradfordbarthel.comor follow him on Twitter @thelihunter.

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