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30 PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF ILTA | SUMMER 2016 Bringing Knowledge to the Forefront with AI CASE STUDIES I've been with the firm a long time and have served as Chief Knowledge Officer the past seven years. We currently deliver powerful enterprise search and a personalized portal, but we want to take things to the next level with artificial intelligence and an innovative system called BakerPractice. Preparing for the Future Five years ago, we identified that we had the potential to utilize our pricing and maer information in a much more streamlined manner, and we acknowledged that the obstruction to this process laid in our untidy and unclassified data. The end result of this cleaning process le us with about 120 types of maers. The system we created requires our lawyers to choose one of these maers when they start the new business intake process. With this selection, a maer plan that has already been charted, including the phases and tasks that should accompany that maer, is presented to the aorney. For some of those maer plans, we have taken the system a step further and designed complete playbooks containing detailed subtasks and the targeted levels of staff who should perform certain duties (i.e., a junior associate, senior associate, shareholder, et cetera). This system has provided our firm with a structure that allows for proficient budgeting and pricing practices. Partnering Up Now that we have clean data and generally understand what aorneys should be working on each day, we can use artificial intelligence to help push knowledge resources to users. We began this process working with Handshake and WinWire Technologies as our primary partners, but to introduce an artificial intelligence component into our workspace, we had to engage a new partner: RAVN. Baker Donelson comprises over 700 lawyers public policy advisors and about 1,500 users working out of 20 offices. We've been around for over 125 years and have developed a very mature knowledge management (KM) program. by Meredith Williams Bringing Knowledge to the Forefront with AI

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