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Fall 2014: Security Is Everyone's Business

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WWW.ILTANET.ORG 9 MEMBER RESOURCES 75 Letter from the President, Member Announcements, Product Announcements, Event Calendar, Play It Again and more ASK THE EXPERT 84 Security In Legal: It's Everyone's Business! THE WORD ON WORDS 90 Tips on How To Improve Your Writing LESSONS LEARNED 92 Security Awareness Training Is the Star of the Show FEATURES 40 Information Security and the Spirit of Compromise 46 Dream the Impossible Dream: A Unified Approach to Information Security 52 Invisible Powers Facilitate Necessary Change 56 One Upon a Data Breach: How Storytelling Can Make You the Hero of Your Firm's Security Awareness Training Program 60 Big Risks and Big Rewards for Big Data 64 International Developments In Personal Data Security 66 Data Brokers: Information Sellers or Accessories to a Crime? 70 The Data Breaches Are Coming CASE STUDIES 30 The Business Case for Stronger Password Policies 34 Lawyers Are the New Foot Soldiers in the Privacy Wars BEST PRACTICES 10 Change Behaviors Through Security Awareness Training 14 Thwarting Vicious Cyberattacks 18 Digital Signatures 101: Keeping Your Processes Paper-Free, Secure and Compliant ASK THE VENDOR 22 What's the one tip you'd offer on how to improve security in an organization? SMART MOVES 26 Negate Risk with Six Sigma CONTENTS 40 84 30

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