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Fall 2014: Security Is Everyone's Business

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PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGA ZINE OF ILTA 52 FEATURES Sometime this decade there will be a high-profile data breach at a law firm that will destroy or seriously weaken that firm and change the way we all think about information security. As a former CIO, I used to think one of my main duties was to make sure it wasn't my firm that made those headlines. Now I am much more keenly aware of the industry's broad range of information security needs and what is required for real-world solutions. I see solutions lying in the power of the "invisible": maintaining confidentiality, controlling metadata on email and attachments, and managing your digital rights. MAKING SECURITY EVERYONE'S BUSINESS Making security everyone's business can be a tough sell. It can require change, and the pain of change is palpable, especially in big law. While each law firm is unique, they all make money in roughly the same two ways: 1. Having well-educated, expert attorneys 2. Bringing people and confidential information together

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