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March 2011

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Anthony Green Concep As you consider the challenges that law firms face in supporting and integrating the explosive array of “consumer” communications devices on the market, how do you envision the status of communications technologies in the future? 28 Peer to Peer Law firms will be (rightly) behind the curve. There is no point in B2B adopting B2C technologies until they are considered the norm. Firms communicate with such a small section of society that by using something cutting-edge they are alienating the vast majority of their target audience. They need to stick to whatever is “standard” at the time. The status of wireless communications devices (smartphones/tablets) is only going to rise. Manufacturers have refined the computing experience down to intuitive bite-sized tasks, and communication itself is becoming shorter and more direct via Twitter and social networks. The real challenge has less to do with technology and more to do with culture — firms need to talk to people in the way they wish to be talked to. ILTA

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