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REAL PROFILES WILLIAMS KHERKHER HART BOUNDAS, LLP Real IT Williams Kherkher IT Director Rick Jenkins chats with Client Profiles and explains why customization is key when selecting a Practice Management system Q Microsoft Dynamics PARTNER OF THE YEAR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES You are a true legal technology veteran. How long have you been with Williams Kherkher and how would you best describe your role with the firm? I’ve been with the firm since November, 1986. I view my team’s role as a problem solver and solution provider. What were you running before Client Profiles? We were running a home grown system written in Microsoft Access. Why were you looking to switch from an in-house custom system to a vendor provided system? We tried to re-write our system and after almost two years of programming determined that our IT Department was better off doing Practice area and Litigation support instead of writing software. Why did you select Client Profiles? Out of all the systems we reviewed, Client Profiles gave us our best options to customize. So customization was a key factor in your selection of Client Profiles. Can you tell us why? Our practice areas vary a lot from a case and data management standpoint. Several of them involve large numbers of clients, so we needed a system we could customize to fit the needs of each practice area and allow them to manage those large groups of clients. Has Client Profiles’ tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook made it easier to use the system? Yes. We’ve really made good use of that part of the integration. In our previous system we didn’t have any Outlook integration. Can you picture the firm today without Client Profiles? No. We would not have been able to continue to grow as a firm without an upgrade to our old system. Learn more about how Client Profiles Case and Financial Management solutions can provide real value to your practice. Visit us at Technology for the Business of Law ©2010 Legal Applications Holding Company, Inc.

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