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Take care, there is something unusual about this email. Tessian has flagged this email because the sender could be trying to impersonate another company. The sender's email domain "@xyzsupplies-invoices.com" is similar to "@xyzsupplies.com", a domain that your company has an existing email relationship with. Report as Malicious and Delete Mark as Safe Hi, The attached invoice is unpaid from last month. Please transfer funds asap. Thanks, Sandra XYZ Suppliers Urgent: Unpaid Invoice Sandra Kim SK 43 I L T A N E T . O R G ILTA has so many ways for our members and partners to connect, to contribute, and to learn! One of the most valuable tools that ILTA can share is that between SMEs and members, SMEs and partners, and recognizing that members and partners can both be SMEs and learn from each other! ILTAns! Take a moment to check out this fantastic resource from Tessian; they have provided a fantastic White Paper on "Inbound and Outbound Email Security for Law Firms!" Read and enjoy D O W N L O A D W H I T E PA P E R INBOUND AND OUTBOUND EMAIL SECURITY FOR LAW FIRMS TESSIAN CLOUD EMAIL SECURITY PLATFORM Explore the Cloud Email Security Platform ACCIDENTAL EMAIL DATA LOSS PREVENTION INBOUND EMAIL SECURITY MALICIOUS EMAIL DATA LOSS PREVENTION A comprehensive inbound email security solution that automatically prevents a wide Enforcer automatically prevents data exfiltration over email. Whether it's an Guardian stops accidental data loss from misdirected emails and misattached files Inbound and Outbound Email Security for Law Firms Law firms operate in a fast paced and constantly shifting environment, balancing numerous client projects at a time. Additionally, attorneys conduct the majority of business over email, receiving and sending sensitive client data every day. Unfortunately, this makes law firms particularly vulnerable to today's email security threats such as phishing attacks that legacy solutions can't detect and more prone to data loss from human error. Professionals in firms have an ethical and legal obligation to protect the confidences of their clients, which may include trade secrets, intellectual property, merger and acquisition details, personally identifiable information (PII), and confidential attorney-client-privileged data. However, relying on self-reporting of incidents, policies, legacy solutions such as secure email gateways, encryption and employee training does not provide law firms the needed protection and clear visibility into email threats, data exfiltration or employee behavior on email- making it hard to prevent data loss and avoid breaches or stay compliant. April 2022 PROTECTING THE LEGAL SECTOR FROM DATA LOSS AND INBOUND EMAIL SECURITY THREATS Protecting the Legal Sector from Data Loss and Inbound Email Security Threats Helping firms detect sophisticated email attacks, and prevent data loss and exfiltration, with no disruption to employee workflows. TESSIAN SOLUTIONS BRIEF Key Benefits AUTOMATED THREAT PREVENTION AND REMEDIATION Contextual machine learning (ML) understands human behavior on email, can predict normal and abnormal email activity, and can start preventing the most advanced threats within hours of deployment. No pre-configuration required. HOLISTIC VIEW OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR Tessian maps employee email activity and builds unique security identities for every individual. Tessian dashboards and analytics surface these insights and give full visibility into threats you've never been able to detect before. Now you can predict and preempt security risks caused by unsafe human behavior. MAKE PEOPLE YOUR STRONGEST DEFENSE Tessian warnings act as in-the-moment training for employees, continuously educating them about threats, reinforcing your policies, and coaching them toward safe behavior. Take the right educational interventions and targeted remedial actions at scale. EFFORTLESS AND NON-DISRUPTIVE Easy to deploy, to manage, and to integrate with any email environment and enterprise security applications. FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT AND SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONS Tessian deploys in minutes and automatically prevents data breaches through email within hours of deployment, across all devices, desk- top and mobile.

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