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I L T A W H I T E P A P E R | K N O W L E D G E M A N A G E M E N T & M A R K E T I N G T E C H N O L O G Y 75 With any intake software, make sure you're able to: • Send automated text messages and emails • Customize your follow-up process and cadence • Assign tasks to specific roles within the firm • Prompt intake specialists to get all the information needed from phone calls • Send and receive photos and signed forms through text and email 5. M I N E TH E DATA TO D R IVE MARKETI N G D EC IS I O NS Lead-tracking software can also determine the value of your various marketing campaigns. Analysis can include: • Showing all clients on a map. This can help you decide where your billboard campaigns or web targeting should be. • View leads coming in from each marketing source, including those that moved through more than one source. • See how many leads from each source convert into cases. • See the resulting value of those cases to determine ROI. 6. I NTEG R ATE WITH CAS E MANAG E M E NT SYS TE M I believe lead tracking should occur in a system that is distinct from the system where you do the day-to- day legal work on cases. As I've mentioned above, the work requires a different mindset and skillset, However, clients and legal professionals all benefit greatly from a seamless handoff into the case-management system. It reduces the amount of data entry that needs to happen, and helps build client confidence in the system. This is best accomplished through integrations. This way, leads can stay within the lead-tracking system, and as soon as they become cases they move directly into case management. Reaping the Rewards of Lead Tracking When I first began working with legal intake systems, I couldn't find any software that adequately met my needs. So I built my own. By following the 6 steps listed above, in the first year we experienced a 30% increase in client retains on the same marketing spend. The second year we did the same thing, increasing client retains by an additional 30%. At the time, I thought this was a response that was unique to us. But now, 5 years later, after working with hundreds of firms, I have seen the same increased benefits over and over. I believe this area holds the greatest promise for growth and profitability for law firms at this time. ILTA Eric Coffman is the Director of Intake Technology at Filevine, founder and CEO of Lead Docket, and the former COO of Colombo Law.

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