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I L T A W H I T E P A P E R | K N O W L E D G E M A N A G E M E N T & M A R K E T I N G T E C H N O L O G Y 39 T he phrase "It wasn't quite what we planned for" sums up 2020 pretty well. We have been asked to "pivot," "reimagine," and "adjust," more times than we can count in the last year. These "asks" were most reflected in the way we connect with our clients and each other in our new world, and even with the vaccine being deployed at the time of publishing, many aspects of the of 2020 are here to stay. This past years "pivots" brought to the forefront topics we technologist have been championing for years: data hygiene, strong targeted digital strategies, and efficient operations to name a few. This year Marketing Technology moved from serving as a bridge between internal departments to the gateway to our clients. In this Marketing Technology white paper one of our authors maps out how many different technologies touch the client during their journey and begins to highlight how every aspect of a firms technology should be considered from the client's perspective. Two of our authors tackle how to network in a virtual world, the first article takes a broad view of virtual networking best practices. Our second author provides actionable steps you can take to improve your LinkedIn profile and how to leverage it to create meaningful connections with others. While another author discusses how COVID-19 has forever changed the way Marketing Departments operate and prioritize investments, as well as forecasting what skills firms will be in demand in 2021. This year also marks is our third edition Marketing Technology Survey and we covered the traditional themes and datapoint you have come to expect, we also explored how COVID-19 was impacting marketing technology decisions across firms of all sizes. We are continuing to see growth in the Marketing Technology space, not only are we seeing the adoption of tools to help with automation, process improvement and marketing analytics across departments of all sizes, but we are also seeing full time roles purely dedicated to the various aspects of Marketing Technology. More departments are designing their strategies on metrics and data rather than past activities, taking us one step closer to truly embracing data driven insights as the path to firm growth. Please share this publication with a colleague or use the results of our survey to help shape your firm and departments plans for navigating and connecting in 2021 and beyond. And a HUGE thank you to our authors and their organizations, the content coordinating team for their support, and the amazing editorial team for guiding this amazing piece of timely and actionable thought leadership piece through publication. ILTA Introduction Rachel Shields Williams Senior Manager, Experience Management Sidley Austin LLP

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