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I L T A W H I T E P A P E R | L I T I G A T I O N A N D P R A C T I C E S U P P O R T 42 N ow is not the time to rely on the same old same old. Mattern has been conducting cost recovery studies since 2004. During this time, we have seen economic slowdowns and recessions, unapparelled lateral movement of associates, a multitude of mergers, acquisitions, and international expansion--and now a pandemic. With every challenge, there are opportunities— this time, one of those opportunities is the recovery of litigation support and e-Discovery costs. Historically, firms had absorbed at least some of these costs, and while that was untenable before the pandemic, it is certainly not sustainable moving forward. The good news is, firms that have been experimenting with new delivery models in this support service area are seeing significant increases in the recovery of costs while offering greater value to their clients. Looking Back: Models and Recovery Rates With big data and the resulting explosion of electronic documents, texts, images and voicemails that are subject to discovery, the cost burden of Now More than Ever, How You Charge Clients for Litigation Support Services Matters by Nathan Curtis, IGP

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