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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 54 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER Avoid the Long and Winding Road: Develop a KM Roadmap Many organizations are taking stock of their knowledge management (KM) programs as a means to cut costs, increase quality and innovate. KM programs generally span three development levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) determined by the maturation state of nine knowledge workstreams. This article will summarize the knowledge workstreams and provide practical tips for their implementation in order to help you dra a KM roadmap to move from one development level to another. Your KM roadmap consists of the workstreams and areas you prioritize. We recommend that you prioritize three to four and reassess progress against those priorities every few months. We encourage you to plan big but start small with quick and easy wins and to be flexible and adaptable with your roadmap in order to respond to changes in people, laws and technology. As you read through this article, consider puing a check next to the issues that most resonate; this could help form the basis of your KM roadmap. Workstream 1: KM Strategy and Resources An important part of any KM program is setting strategic goals and identifying the resources you will need to help support the strategy. ยป Advanced: A strategic KM plan is in place across the entire organization with a strong team and significant budget supported by a leadership team that recognizes the value of KM. by Emily Colantino, and Mark Ford of Baker & McKenzie Avoid the Long and Winding Road: Develop a KM Roadmap

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