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8 B E S T P R A C 10 Developing, Launching, and Growing Non-Legal Market Offerings 13 McDermott's Technolo Education Strate and Why Innovation Matters 14 Leadership and a Strate: Your Keys to Creating an Innovation Program B Y M I C H A E L L O W E Developing a bold vision, understanding the complex needs of the market, the buyers, and buyer values are of great strategic importance as firms look to develop and launch a range of non-legal offerings. The success of these offerings is key, as firms move to position themselves as one-stop-shops. B Y J E N N I F E R C U E N O T A N D S T E V E G L U C K M A N Innovation and education are driving the legal tech industry ahead at a breakneck pace. This piece suggests an interactive, on-demand, bite-size approach to end-user training. B Y A R U P D A S Creating an innovative culture is far from simple: firms must continually find new ways to improve internal processes and business operations, sourcing new solutions and options for clients. Join us as we delve into new plans for creating innovative programs.

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