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44 PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF ILTA | SUMMER 2018 Listen to the full interviews online! CLICK HERE Small Firms Moving to Cloud for Electronic Discovery ASK THE EXPERT Small Firms Moving to Cloud for Electronic Discovery As part of our ongoing effort to hear the voice of small and medium firms, the Litigation Support Content Coordinating Team will be publishing a series of blogs discussing the movement to cloud for electronic discovery. To further understand their perspective, we interviewed the small firm members on their experience and published the high-level insights below. The interviewees include Chris Hunt of Sugarman Rogers, John Sawyer of Partridge, Snow & Hahn LLP, and Aaron Crocke of Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C. We discussed their journey moving to cloud for electronic discovery, the key factors that got them there and the challenges they faced. All interviewees had a slightly different set of challenges, but most centered around finding the right service provider and educating their user base. Moving to cloud provides them with a greater sense of security and awareness of their data footprint, and changes the dynamic of electronic discovery, as well as their role, at the firm. The factors driving the selection of a new solution were service, support, and soware. User experience and ease of use were important in the selection of soware and, being in small firms, support to augment internal resources also played a big role in determining the provider to meet their needs. In all scenarios, firms introduced a billing system for data processing or storage, and each had key stakeholders to get them the buy-in. The iterative approaches taken by these firms over the years is reflective of the paradigm shi from in-house soware to cloud-based solutions for electronic discovery. ILTA invites to you listen to the full audio files for each interviewee, online. Each interview lasts about 30 minutes. ILTA thanks Ricky Brooman for facilitating these great discussions and thanks Aaron Crockett, Christopher Hunt, and John Sawyer for their engaging interviews!

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