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Legal Files Software, Inc. announced the introduction of its first application for the iPhone and iPad. Legal Files for iPhone/iPad will be available with the release of Legal Files 8.4, scheduled for the fourth quarter this year. The new app provides a portal view into the user's Legal Files database from one easy-to-navigate location. From the home page, a user can search for files and view the following: urgent notifications through Legal Files' Heads Up!, recently accessed files/matters, name cards/contact information, documents, calendars, email messages and task lists. Nextpoint, Inc. announced the release of Privilege Protect technology. With Privilege Protect, Nextpoint's Discovery Cloud now delivers patent-pending, cloud-based algorithms to identify and isolate documents that have been marked as privileged or confidential and remove them prior to production to opposing parties. Privilege Protect is the first automated technology designed to protect confidential and privileged communication, the most important aspect of the attorney-client relationship. OrcaTec announced the availability of The OrcaTec Appliance, on which organizations can deploy the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite in-house. With The OrcaTec Appliance, organizations will be able to ingest e-discovery or other big data sets, remove system files and extraneous data, then get to work using OrcaTec's advanced analytics and predictive coding for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and first-pass review. They can then move on to review and production, all with the data staying behind their firewalls. PayneGroup announced that it is offering a training certification course for all trainers of PayneGroup products: Forms Assistant, Numbering Assistant, Metadata Assistant and Outlook Send Assistant. Classes will take place in PayneGroup's Seattle, Washington headquarters and are open to all trainers. Certification classes will be scheduled once per month or more based on demand. These two-day classes include both in-depth training on the products as well as best practices training approaches for each of the products. Pinpoint Labs announced the release of the latest upgrade to its SafeCopy product line of forensic software. SafeCopy 3 enables a simple and straightforward approach to remote and defensible custodial collections. With the introduction of the Viper engine, users can now use multiple threads to reduce their copy times. www. PowerSearch Software announced the release of PowerSearch 5.0. This release includes predictive search analytics, file exclusion and advanced tagging functionality. Predictive search analytics give the user the ability to analyze a word and view how it is used in the context of the documents in the collection. It also provides a count of document hits and term frequency for the current word and synonyms or related words (and frequency counts of those terms) of the selected word. RenewData announced that it is launching a new offering to dramatically expedite review. Language-Based Analytics leverages human understanding of language, as opposed to artificial intelligence, to identify potentially relevant documents in large data collections and deliver significant time and cost savings. It uniquely provides a high level of transparency in coding decisions and reviewer auditability because there is a direct, understandable link between the case issues and each document decision. Software Technology, Inc. has introduced Tabs3 Connect, a way for attorneys to enter fees, review matter information and access their firm's calendar anywhere they can connect to the Internet. Using innovative technology, attorneys with iPhones, Android devices, iPads, laptops or even Apple computers can access the Tabs3 and PracticeMaster information that is safely stored on their office computers — not up in the cloud. Tikit has announced the release of Carpe Diem TimeFinder version 1.1. Version 1 provided attorneys the ability to monitor, track and convert their journal of electronic activities into time entries thereby extending, and in some cases replacing, the time capture activities of a firm. Version 1.1 extends the activity tracking opportunity further with the introduction of TimeFinder's "Desktop Monitor," an agent that can monitor any application (even custom-developed applications) and deliver a more granular and accurate journal activity to the user's TimeFinder desktop. Traveling Coaches announced new Performance Consulting services to help firms redefine core competencies and workflows for legal users. Please send product announcements to CorpIntake A MATTER INTAKE APPLICATION TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS •Reduces conflict approval time by providing a complete digital approval workflow process. •Increases revenue by accelerating the file-opening process by collecting client and matter information via a web interface. •Enhances communications by sending instant e-mail notifications to all stakeholders related to the matter. •Provides full audit and tracking of all activities in the workflow. •Minimizes risk by providing approval workflow process for the Risk Management Committee. •Integrates with SharePoint 2007 & 2010, Blackberry, DMS, and Records Management infrastructures. •Collects the information through dynamic questionnaire forms that are tailored to your needs. •Reduces manual data entry by pre-populating client and matter information. For more information please contact us or visit | 1-800-905-4252 | 416-840-0257 Peer to Peer 83

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