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2 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Introduction ABOUT ILTA Technology solutions for law firms and legal departments get more complex every day. Connecting with your peers to exchange ideas with those who have "been there done that" has never been more valuable. For over three decades, the International Legal Technology Association has led the way in sharing knowledge and experience for those faced with challenges in their firms and legal departments. ILTA members include firms of all sizes and all areas of practice, all sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE ILTA is the premier peer networking organization, providing information to members to maximize the value of technology in support of the legal profession. DISCLAIMER This report is designed for use as a general guide and is not intended to serve as a recommendation or to replace the advice of experienced professionals. If expert assistance is desired, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Neither ILTA nor any author or contributor shall have liability for any person's reliance on the content of or any errors or omissions in this publication. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Copyright © ILTA 2017. All rights reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced in any manner or medium whatsoever without the prior written permission of ILTA. Published by ILTA c/o Editor, 1431 Opus Place, Suite 110, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Amidst all the talk of innovation, disruption and transformation in the practice of law, we wanted to find out what knowledge management (KM) professionals are spending their time working on and thinking about these days. As the unifying theme for this year's annual KM white paper, we challenged the KM community to discuss exceptionally good ideas worth considering. Before we delve into the ideas our authors submied, we start with a summary and the full results of our 2016 ILTA KM Survey. Conducted every two years, this year's survey marks a decade of data illustrating the evolution of KM in ILTA member organizations. Then we move into the practical as Oz Benamram and Kathy Skinner discuss the path one firm took to change its traditional mix of research resources and free itself of dependency on costly and outdated subscription models in a handy guide that will help you evaluate your own resources and take bold actions. Next up, Vishal Agnihotri, Gail Bergmiller, Dora Tynes and Ramin Vosough demonstrate how three knowledge managers combined social collaboration and experience management to quickly and effectively capture and leverage internal expertise and tacit knowledge. Patrick Dundas then explores his firm's journey to success with document assembly — a technology that has been around for years but has yet to take off with law firms that continue to struggle with how to slay this beast of a project. Shiing from the practical to the conceptual, Shengshi Zhao takes a look at the new phase that legal KM is entering in our current time of innovation and change. Sco Rechtschaffen offers up solid advice for KM and IT people working with lawyers: instead of scaring them away from technology with visions of armies of robot lawyers killing their careers, entice them into using innovative technology to maximize both client and lawyer satisfaction. Oliver Lash-Williams examines how KM and IT training teams can combine forces to deliver the ultimate in workflow support through "performance support," which gives just the right amount of training at the precise moment of need. We finish off with Phil Ayton's look at how advanced automation technologies are making it possible for firms to tightly integrate people, processes and technology to transform how they perform transactional work, address client needs, manage risk and solve new business challenges. Thank you to each of the authors and their organizations for sharing their experience and insight with us. We hope you enjoy considering their exceptionally good ideas. Welcome to the 2017 ILTA KM White Paper GINEVRA SAYLOR KM White Paper Coordinator

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