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POTPOURRI 37 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER Marketing Automation Defined: Soware platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments to more effectively market on multiple digital channels (email, websites, etc.). The platform(s) will automate repetitive tasks, nurture client relationships and generate quantifiable business development opportunities. Legal marketing has been somewhat behind the curve in implementing marketing automation. This has nothing to do with the legal sector being slow to adopt new technologies; it is more related to the inherent structural nature of how legal marketing departments work and the internal power dynamic of a professional services firm. Can marketing automation work for your firm? The Reality of Marketing Output Content for the majority of marketing campaigns is driven by lawyers (e.g., an event or article). This content is oen supported, nudged or coerced out of partners by the marketing team, but it is led by the fee earner. Marketing output in a law firm is driven by three scenarios: A fee earner is responding to an external event (hands up if you have delivered content on "the impact of Brexit" in the past couple of months) A lawyer is providing content (either a seminar or article) based on their specialty Big annual events organized for various teams within the firm 1 2 3 by Robin Stephens of Vuture Adapt and Adopt: Bring Marketing Automation to Your Firm Adapt and Adopt: Bring Marketing Automation to Your Firm

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