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Knowledge Management: One Size Does Not Fit All

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55 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT What Can Legal KM Learn from Other Professional Services Organizations? 1. Robert Eccles, Ana Kreacic & Penelope Rossano, A Note on Knowledge Management in Professional Services Firms, HBS 9-314-034 at 8, Harvard Business School Publishing (2013). 2. Big Four accounting firms, hps:// accounting_firms&oldid=712830010 (last visited Mar. 31, 2016). 3. Gordon Vala-Webb, The First Thing We Do Is Kill All the Accountants, ILTA blog posted Feb. 19, 2014, hp:// thing-we-do-is-kill-all-the-accountants?ssopc=1. 4. David Maister, Are Law Firms Manageable? (2006), hp:// are-law-firms-manageable/. 5. Where is Knowledge Management Headed?, Christopher Parsons of Knowledge Architecture interviews Katrina Pugh of Columbia University at KA Connect 2015, hps:// 6. Id. at 38:26, "One Emerging Challenge Enterprise Social Media Presents to Knowledge Management: The Rise of Ugly Assets." 7. Carla O'Dell, Louis Richardson of IBM on Making Social Smart, APQC Blog posted Mar. 16, 2016, hps:// 8. A Note on Knowledge Management in Professional Services Firms, supra, at 11-12. 9. The Role of Trust in Business Collaboration, briefing paper by The Economist Intelligence Unit (2008) at 5, hp:// 10. A search for "collaboration" on Amazon returns nearly 600 titles in the "Management" category. 11. The Role of Trust in Business Collaboration, supra. 12. Marc Wright, Sparks of collaboration at PwC (2013) hps://www.simply- 13. Ceri Hughes & Alex Chapel, Implementing an enterprise-wide social collaboration platform at KPMG, Business Information Review December 2013 vol. 30 no. 4 191-195 (abstract at hp:// 14. Rawn Shah, Unlocking The River Of Knowledge Collaboration At Accenture, Forbes Online posted Jan. 24, 2016, hp:// the-river-of-knowledge-collaboration-at-accenture/#15303f4121bc 15. Ron Friedmann, Knowledge Management Priorities in Large Law Firms – 2016 Survey, posted Feb. 7, 2016, hp:// large-law-firms-2016-survey/. Anecdotally, some speculate that the reason collaboration made the 2016 list was due to the number of new respondents to the survey, who perhaps had not already become discouraged by prior unsuccessful aempts to roll out collaborative platforms. 16. Heidi K. Gardner, When Senior Managers Won't Collaborate, Harvard Business Review (Mar. 2015), hps:// 17. Id. 18. Lowell L. Bryan, Eric Matson & Leigh M. Weiss, Harnessing the power of informal employee networks, McKinsey Quarterly, Nov. 2007, hp:// functions/organization/our-insights/harnessing-the-power-of-informal-employee- networks. 19. Oz Benamram, Why most law firms' internal collaboration systems are doomed to fail, Managing Partner blog posted May 8, 2013, hp:// why-most-law-firms%E2%80%99-internal-collaboration-systems-are-doomed-fail. 20. Storytelling To Transform Your KM Projects, Strategy and Culture, presented by Ginevra Saylor, Dentons Canada LLP and Tracey Erin Smith, soulOtheatre, available at hp:// 21. See hp:// 22. See hp:// 23. Steven Berzins & Thomas Hsu, Pinterest for the Enterprise – An APQC Webinar, Sept. 17, 2015, available at hps:// be; see also Collections: A New Way to Curate and Share Knowledge, KM World, Oct. 21, 2015, hp:// to-Curate-and-Share-Knowledge-107009.aspx. See also Steven Berzins & Thomas Hsu, Accenture Collections, presentation to SIKM Leaders, Mar. 14, 2016, hp://www.slideshare. net/SIKM/accenture-collections. Many thanks those who agreed to speak with me in connection with this article: Gordon Vala-Webb, Principal, Building Smarter Organizations; Dr. Simon Trussler, Engagement Director and KM Specialist at iKnow; Christopher Parsons, CEO, Knowledge Architecture and founder of KA-Connect; Jennifer Faist, Director of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Architecture; Doris Pulsifer, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management Group at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP; Katrina Pugh, Academic Director, Columbia University and President of Align Consulting; Carla O'Dell, Chief Executive Officer, APQC; Steven Berzins, Social Learning Infrastructure Lead, Accenture; and Thomas Hsu, Social Collaboration Strategist, Accenture. Bibliography

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