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56 PEER TO PEER: THE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF ILTA | SUMMER 2016 Accept it – it's free advice. Your users aren't charging you, yet they are providing fundamental insights into your technology for which you otherwise might pay dearly. If you are afraid input might be raw or unvarnished, so might the input you receive aer paying for it. Co-opt it. Sometimes the functionality of "rogue" soware duplicates features in your existing soware. That raises the question: Why are people not using those features in the approved soware? Perhaps they don't know. Use this as an opportunity to improve your training programs Use Shadow IT to Your Advantage Most people want to do a good a job and do it efficiently. We like to believe we have provided people with the technology they need, have a deep understanding of their workflows and have developed flexible guidelines and policies. When you discover users are utilizing alternative tools or processes, they're not trying to insult you or your efforts –– they just know what works for them. Sometimes what they do creates security risks –– you need to be auned to that –– but my experience is that situations creating risk to the organization are in the minority. Risky or not, how do you use to your advantage the shadow IT you discover? PAUL WITTEKIND Paul Wittekind, Director of Information Technology Services at Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C., has served in his current role since 1993. He oversees all strategic and tactical aspects of Porzio's technology platforms. In addition to managing all internal technology projects, Paul coordinates the firm's ongoing efforts to strengthen its external client relationships through improved technological integration and the provision of e-discovery consulting services. Contact him at "Shadow IT," "consumerization of IT," "rogue IT" or simply "those users are at it again!": There are many terms to describe what occurs when users find technology and develop processes outside the standard toolsets and policies offered by IT. The terms cloud our approach to this phenomenon, suggesting that it is something bad, a foe that should be defeated. But if you are trying to figure out how to guide your firm or law department during the next three to 10 years, embrace this trend and make it your friend. 1 2 by Paul Wiekind Shadow IT: Your Friend, Not Foe

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