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Peer to Peer: Law2020®: Two Years and Counting JUNE 2012 contents 56 28 10 BEST PRACTICES PDF/A Validation: A Must for Future- Proofing Documents An Agile Approach to Custom Development Projects A Customer-Focused Vision of Value for Litigation Support Transforming Trainers into User Experience Advocates 24 ASK THE VENDOR As we advance another year with the Law2020® surprise and what new ideas should organizations keep in mind? 28 38 SMART MOVES Reinvent Yourself in Challenging Times CASE STUDIES Lose (Paper) Weight and Keep It Off: How Our Firm Successfully Performed a Paper Bypass The BYOD Café From Just-in-Case to Just-in-Time On- Demand Learning Mania Mixed Device 84 88 74 80 initiative, what has been a 70 66 62 The End of Training? by Brian Donato (in collaboration with Brie Leung ) Laptops Versus iPads: An Obsolete Debate? by David Neesen A Look Ahead: The Dawning of Mobile Nirvana by Philip Alberta The Past, Present and Future of Legal IT Leadership by Skip Lohmeyer The Rise of Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) by Barry Murphy Deriving Value from User Experience Design by Andrew M. Baker, J.D. A Look Inside Lawyer Focus Groups: Their Work Has Changed; Has Yours? by Tami Schiller 110 116 FEATURES 56 The Path to Becoming a Knowledge Organization by Hector Cruz 96 94 96 100 MOVIE REVIEW "The Butterfly Effect" BOOK REVIEW The Intersection: Powerhouse of Innovation MEMBER RESOURCES Overheard on E-Groups Member Announcements Welcome New Members On the Move Product Announcements Event Calendar ASK THE EXPERT Two Years and Counting: An Operation's Status Check INSIDE ILTA INSIGHT 2012 Recap ILTA 2012 LexThink.1 2012 Play It Again Play on Words LEDES Update 128 LESSONS LEARNED The Next Generation of Legal Service Delivery Peer to Peer 7

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