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June 2012

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ask the vendor another year with the Law2020® As we advance surprise and what new ideas should organizations keep in mind? initiative, what has been a 24 Peer to Peer Growth and Innovation In Smartphone Apps name........................... Peter Lieber company .............. EIM International, Inc. website The most surprising innovation of the past few years has been the growth and innovation in apps on smartphones. I purchased an iPhone less than six months ago, and I already have over 100 apps. And a surprising number are truly useful, engaging and time- saving. My current favorite is Waze. It's a great example of using advanced information management (here, maps, etc.) and social networking (location-tracking) to save time (avoid traffic jams). It's even useful for this long-time New York City roadway expert. As we advance toward the year 2020, I believe that the user community will be well-equipped to handle video as its use will have replaced written email as the primary form of business communication. By that time, we will all be experts at storing, searching, categorizing and regulating videos.

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