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inside ILTA Play It Again! Are you interested in accessing additional resources related to the themes in this edition of Peer to Peer? There is a wealth of peer-powered knowledge collected on the ILTA website for your listening and viewing pleasure, including conference materials and recordings, podcasts, webinars, articles and more. Take some time to explore the website for information in your areas of interest. Here are some of the great things you'll find at ILTA TV Live! • Alternative Pricing Models • iPads and Tablets in the Firm • The Cloud and the Law Webinars • Next-Generation Learning for Legal Technology (8/4/2011) • Law Department Operations and Technology Trends (4/7/2011) Session Recordings from the 2011 Annual Conference • Future-Proofing Your Law Firm Are You Ready for AFAs? • Law Firm Economics 401: Alternative Fees • Rev-Elation Leadership • Strategies and Law2020® Small Firm 10 mar jun issue 2 volume 26 • Transformation Through Emerging Technologies in Law2020® 62 sep dec Computing Cloud Assurance Quality The Capability Curve Legal Process Outsourcing A Mobile Workforce • A Self-Service Legal Helpdesk? Not So Fast (Peer to Peer, June 2011) in the to theEdge: Close 11 mar jun sep dec issue 2 volume 27 offshore, the debate as to what value IT really does deliver has become almost religious. Of course, if you happen to be in IT, the dogma is much less of an issue than the practical aspects of being commoditized into oblivion! So let's not mince words: The bottom line is that your firm is in a competitive arms race to cut out as many costs as possible, and IT is squarely in the crosshairs of that effort. But the arguments about whether IT is a commodity typically leave T Peer to Peer Law2020 the future starts now IT's Fight to Stay Ahead of the Curve by Tom Koulopoulos of Delphi Group he debate about the relevance of IT has been raging for at least the last decade. Fueled in part by the mainstream visibility achieved by Nicholas Carr's 2003 Harvard Business Review article "IT Doesn't Matter," as well as the massive move to sourcing out one very important variable — namely, what is the core competency of IT? Now, here is a radical thought: What if the core competency of IT isn't IT? IT Must Be Transformative Yes, I know…heresy! But think about what IT does well when it is most valued in an organization. Peer to Peer the quarterly magazine of ILTA 63 one year in • Close to the Edge: IT's Fight to Stay Ahead of the Curve (Peer to Peer June 2011) • The Future Starts Now (Peer to Peer, June 2010) Publications • Law2020® • Law2020® : The Future Starts Now (Peer to Peer, June 2010) : One Year In (Peer to Peer, June 2011) • A Lofty View from the Year 2020 (Peer to Peer, June 2010) Articles 122 Peer to Peer ILLUSTRATION BY THOMAS BOUCHER, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ILLUSTRATION BY THOMAS BOUCHER, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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