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June 2012

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features The Path to Becoming a Knowledge Organization by Hector Cruz "In a knowledge economy, the firm doesn't just plan for the future, it continuously creates the future." — Ikujiro Nonaka A Vision of the Future To cast light on the year 2020, just eight short years away, we turn to futurist Ray Kurzweil, who may be the most famous high-tech futurist, inventor and author of our time. Kurzweil wrote three books that portray a future in which science exceeds human capacities. His track record on predicting outcomes is very good; according to his article "How My Predictions Are Faring," he is 86 percent accurate. In the late 1980s, he predicted the rise of the Internet; in the early 1990s, he predicted cloud computing and ubiquitous wireless devices. Based on Kurzweil's book "The Singularity 56 Peer to Peer illustration by thomas boucher, all rights reserved Since the dawn of man, we have pondered our fate and predicted our future. With a bevy of life-changing technologies on the horizon, it may appear that technology can solve all of our problems. But technology is not the primary element driving the legal profession, it's the people. As we implement new technologies in the workplace, we need to make sure our people are prepared to adjust their processes and share their knowledge. Knowledge is what will stand us apart from our competitors and drive us on the path of success. Peer to Peer 57 10 x R E COMMIN D Learn more at 56 62 66 70 74 80 84 88 The Path to Becoming a Knowledge Organization by Hector Cruz The End of Training? by Brian Donato (in collaboration with Brie Leung ) Laptops Versus iPads: An Obsolete Debate? by David Neesen A Look Ahead: The Dawning of Mobile Nirvana by Philip Alberta The Past, Present and Future of Legal IT Leadership by Skip Lohmeyer The Rise of Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) by Barry Murphy Deriving Value from User Experience Design by Andrew M. Baker, J.D. A Look Inside Lawyer Focus Groups: Their Work Has Changed; Has Yours? by Tami Schiller Predictive Coding from Recommind When it comes to eDiscovery less is MORE: more efficient (and up to 50x more efficient than other approaches) THE NEXT-BEST SYSTEM Predictive Coding is the clear winner in the eDiscovery race. Recommind's Axcelerate® eDiscovery with patented

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