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September 2011

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features PAGE 48 How IT Can Help Build HR's Arsenal (and Utilize It) by Thomas E. Bennett In some organizations, the relationship between the HR and IT departments is sketchy, each viewing the other as an entity to be endured, but not embraced (or trusted). But we've all been there: You're looking for someone who knows Linux command- line syntax and can tune a MySQL database like a fine piano. Or maybe you need a VMware guru who can also whip up installation packages in Admin Studio. So you sit down to craft the perfect job posting, listing in detail the qualifications of the position –– skills needed, educational requirements and certifications desired. As you add more and more details, your perfect job description starts showing signs of bloat. Undaunted, you press onward with additional details and more acronyms. You add an operating system here and a vendor product there. By now, your brief, on-point job description looks like the winning entry in a bad grammar contest. You need a new outlook, a fresh set of eyes, someone with the skills and experience to know what works and what doesn't in the recruiting wars. Too bad you didn't contact HR right from the start… PAGE 54 Becoming an Effective Values-Based Leader by Steven D. Wingert PAGE 61 When the Timing Is Right: Making a Business Case for More Staff by Catherine R. Reilly PAGE 64 Building a Bridge Between IT and Library Services by Greg Lambert and Scott Preston PAGE 74 Are You Spamming Your Clients? by John Veldkamp, Doug Ladendorf and Bill Vannerson PAGE 79 Law Clerk 2.0: Evolving from Document Managers to Case Managers by Jennifer Johnson Peer to Peer the quarterly magazine of ILTA 47 PAGE 69 Just Like Athletes... Lawyers Can Benefit from (Business Development) Coaching by Janet Ellen Raasch

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