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SECURE SOCIAL NETWORKING FOR BETTER ATTORNEY WORKFLOW by Chi Eng of NeuLexa The digital era of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, smartphones and cloud computing has transformed and redesigned how we communicate in our personal lives. Social networking has evolved beyond its communication origins and has become the primary means of sharing knowledge and information for increasing numbers of individuals and organizations. SECURE SOCIAL NETWORKING FOR BETTER ATTORNEY WORKFLOW Traditionally, businesses — and law firms, especially — have been more concerned with the potential risks of adopting social network models into their workflows than with the potential profit-impacting benefits on their organizations. Deploying and adopting a social-network-based workflow system would enable a law firm to increase productivity, enhance the quality of its attorneys' work product and increase client satisfaction. It is a system that complements or otherwise extends the social dynamics of a law firm, encouraging constructive competition among its service professionals and increasing transparency of its workflow to clients. In the long term, greater client satisfaction will increase law firm revenues; in our new legal era, that is everything. How, then, can these powerful networking tools be leveraged in a large organization such as a law

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