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"INVISIBLE" USERS AND THE ART OF MONITORING SOCIAL MEDIA "Invisible" Users and the Art of Monitoring Social Media by JoAnna Forshee of On a recent "60 Minutes" segment, Anderson Cooper interviewed two NASA scientists about an asteroid that struck Russia "with many times the energy of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima," injuring more than 1,000 people. NASA was unable to see it coming, so no warning was given. Cooper asked how they found out about the asteroid. Their unbelievable answer was Twitter. This is an extreme example of how vital social media — in particular Twitter — have become, not only for sharing breaking news, but for tracking industry information. If you're not diving in to social media, it is at least important for law firms to monitor it on an ongoing basis. GET MORE OUT OF TRACKING SOCIAL MEDIA Social media articles and webinars are a dime a dozen, but considerably less attention is given to a social media approach we recommend for everyone — tracking. Whether or not you are interested in contributing via social media, such as having a blog or tweeting, everyone should be taking advantage of the free resources available to track and monitor news through social media. Tracking is also an excellent way to become familiar with, and build

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