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click here to listen to the accompanying podcast Social Media Poised To Be Huge E-Discovery Challenge Barry Murphy is a co-founder of eDJ Group, Inc. and a trusted advisor for information governance and e-discovery. Previously, Barry was the director of product marketing at Mimosa Systems, a leading content archiving and e-discovery software provider. He joined Mimosa after a highly successful stint as a principal analyst for e-discovery, records management and content archiving at Forrester Research. Contact him at SOCIAL MEDIA POISED TO BE HUGE E-DISCOVERY CHALLENGE by Barry Murphy of eDJ Group, Inc. The use of social media at work is on the rise, and that has put social media discovery in the spotlight. Almost 65 percent of respondents in eDJ's social experience survey (named "social experience" to extend beyond social media and include other methods of collaboration that allow people to socialize information) indicate using external social networks (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) at work for business purposes. Social media use is not just employees wasting time watching friends' updates on Facebook; it is the practice of real networking, such as messaging new contacts through LinkedIn or tweeting an update about company news. SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOW PART OF BUSINESS LIFE Social media adoption has grown incredibly fast. As a result, companies are behind in addressing the challenges of social media discovery. A similar story played out with email in the late 1990s and early 2000s; companies got behind the e-discovery eightball with terabytes of email messages in PST files that required expensive collection, preservation, processing and review. Many now anticipate social media could follow a similar path. To date, social media discovery remains out of the mainstream — only about one-third of survey respondents have had to collect and preserve content from external social networks.

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