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October 2013 Risks and Rewards

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INTRODUCTION About ILTA Providing technology solutions to law firms and legal departments gets more complex every day. Connecting with your peers to exchange ideas with those who have "been there done that" has never been more valuable. For over three decades, the International Legal Technology Association has led the way in sharing knowledge and experience for those faced with challenges in their firms and legal departments. ILTA members include firms of all sizes and all areas of practice, all sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession. Statement of Purpose ILTA is the premier peer networking organization, providing information to members to maximize the value of technology in support of the legal profession. In the Wild West of legal technology, innovation and improved processes are top-of-mind among our colleagues. With a herd of mustangs and broncos (systems and processes) to tame, some firms will unholster their resources and take on risks that could potentially reap manifold rewards. Even if the road has already been paved, any journey into the unknown can make a gal shake in her boots. Whether your organization is fixin' to implement something new or improve what's already in place, there are lessons to be learned in each of the articles in this white paper. We're hopeful they will help guide you as you plan to put old software and outdated workflows out to pasture. Disclaimer This report is designed for use as a general guide and is not intended to serve as a recommendation or to replace the advice of experienced professionals. If expert assistance is desired, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Neither ILTA nor any author or We thank all of our contributing members and vendors who shared their stories of risks and rewards. Saddle up your horses and take some time to enjoy the good, the bad and the revered! contributor shall have liability for any person's reliance on the content of or any errors or omissions in this publication. Copyright Notice Copyright © ILTA 2013. All rights reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced in any manner or medium whatsoever without the prior written permission of ILTA. Published by ILTA /o Editor, c 9701 Brodie Lane, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78748. Randi Mayes Editor-In-Chief

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