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CREATING AN INTERNATIONAL CLIENT-FACING KNOWLEDGE WEBSITE member firms and clients has been positive, and we believe the KB is the best online international employment law resource currently available. We feel it successfully demonstrates and reinforces Ius Laboris's capacity to provide information and advice to companies with cross-border issues. We are especially pleased with some of the KB's innovative design features, including: •A highly original, interactive style of presentation devised by Pancentric for our international HR law guides. Registered users are now able to create their own tailored, electronic versions of the guides by selecting the particular topics and countries in which they are interested. A bespoke, personalized copy is then emailed to the user immediately in PDF format. We feel this unique and imaginative facility has given the guides a fresh lease on life, enhanceing their value to users. •The new Global HR Law Guide (accessible via the KB's Client Portal) has a different but attractive and well-designed interactive format. Users can select the topic in which they are interested, click on a map of the world to choose the countries they wish to compare and then select the specific question within the topic area they want answered. The relevant information for each jurisdiction selected then pops up on screen. While we regard the KB as a great success, there is still much work to do. We now need to devise an effective strategy for promoting the site and driving traffic to it, for example, by getting Alliance member firms to publicize and link to the KB from their own websites. Use of social media will also be a vital tool for generating awareness of the KB among our target audiences. process for those of us directly involved in the project will deliver significant benefits in the months and years ahead for the Alliance, its clients and others seeking information on these significant business issues. Jellienke Stamhuis joined Ius Laboris We must also ensure the KB is refreshed regularly with a steady flow of interesting and useful new content, thereby encouraging bookmarking of the site and repeat visits by users. The Global HR Law Guide is a work in progress, with around half of the material still in the editorial pipeline, although we plan to complete and publish the outstanding sections by the end of 2013. as its Knowledge Manager in 2011. Based in Brussels, she is responsible for driving internal and external know-how strategies and coordinating the work of the organization's International Practice Groups. She was previously a practicing lawyer, specializing in employment law and employee benefits, at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek in the Netherlands. Contact her at Already, user statistics for the KB are being analyzed carefully. In due course, we plan to seek detailed evaluations from clients on how effectively it meets their needs and areas where it could be improved. We have high hopes this feedback will be consistent with and support some of the key decisions made when developing the site. Richard Lister is a practice development lawyer in the employment, reward and immigration department of Lewis Silkin LLP, a U.K. member of Ius Laboris (aka the "Alliance"). His role encompasses devising effective KM systems for Creating the KB has been a challenging yet fascinating journey, demanding careful planning, significant time commitment and intense collaboration. We're hopeful what was a rewarding the department, organizing the team's training program and managing its publications strategy. Increasingly, his time is devoted to collaborating with colleagues in other Alliance member firms on international projects. Contact him at

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