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July 2013: Knowledge Management

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CREATING AN INTERNATIONAL CLIENT-FACING KNOWLEDGE WEBSITE by Jellienke Stamhuis of Ius Laboris and Richard Lister of Lewis Silkin LLP Most organizations providing legal services would consider a professional, market-facing information platform a powerful means of demonstrating the expertise and talents of their lawyers and promoting their business. But developing an external knowledge strategy is far from straightforward, with myriad issues to resolve and choices to be made. Any project of this nature requires lawyers, knowledge management (KM) advisers, marketing specialists and others to work together effectively during what is likely to be a lengthy and complex process. It can be a daunting proposition within a single law firm, but imagine doing so in an organization comprising dozens of different law firms across the globe. That was the challenge we faced in Ius Laboris, the international alliance of leading human resources (HR) law practitioners. ABOUT IUS LABORIS In the 12 years since it was formed, Ius Laboris (aka the "Alliance") has grown into the world's largest alliance of law firms specializing in employment, employee benefits, immigration and pensions. The Alliance includes over 1,000 lawyers with local expertise across the globe, with member firms in more than 40 countries and coverage in over 100 jurisdictions.

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