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July 2013: Knowledge Management

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KM PROFESSIONALS: A NATURAL FIT FOR LPM by Lisa Gianakos of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP KM PROFESSIONALS: A NATURAL FIT FOR LPM Those of us who work in knowledge management (KM) know we are frequently involved in legal project management (LPM) when such an initiative exists. Our involvement ranges from playing a supporting role to being heavily involved, and sometimes we even lead the charge. According to a recent survey, knowledge management teams are involved almost 60 percent of the time in firms with LPM programs! What do KM professionals offer that's such a good fit for LPM? QUALITIES SUITED FOR LPM KM professionals can get behind LPM easily, as many of its primary goals — such as creating efficient work methods, offering clients better predictability and improving communication — have long been KM goals. Those in KM already manage many tools and processes — such as knowledge banks, document automation, data mining, matter pages or dashboards, extranets and collaboration tools — that support a variety of LPM goals. With a good set of skills, relevant experience — including a strong understanding of law practice, project management, finance and technology — and strong analytical skills, KM professionals can have a positive impact on LPM. Professionals in KM have already established bridges to lawyers and multiple staff

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