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I L T A S U R V E Y R E S U L T S | L E G A L A I T O O L S 3 We also developed a weighted average (again, on a 5-point scale) to illustrate the maturity of AI usage in each category. Again, not surprisingly, E-Discovery & Document Review came out on top, with most organizations considering their adoption quite mature. Most of the other categories leave a lot of room to improve. Category Weight E-Discovery & Document Review 3.50 Legal Research 2.95 Contract Management - Pre-Execution 2.86 Contract Management - Post-Execution 2.67 Automation 2.56 Expertise Automation 2.32 Insight & Predictive Tools 2.29 Billing & Spend Management 2.21 Note: "Other" charted at 3.33. It will be fascinating to see how quickly both adoption and maturity increase over the next few years. A few words of wisdom: A total of 143 ILTA member organizations responded to the survey. We think that's a good representative sample, but it is not statistically valid, especially across such a disparate group of categories and considering the relative immaturity of AI in the legal space. While this is the best data set ever collected and published on the market penetration of AI-powered legal tools, these results should be taken with a grain of salt. Moreover, first does not mean best. It is early days, and market penetration is still as likely to be a function of parent company size, funding, marketing and timing. The tools with more penetration have the most market share right now. That does not mean they are the best tools (or, more importantly, the best tools for you) or that they will be the winners in the long term. This AI Tool Usage Survey provides some answers to a few questions about market share and maturity, but we cannot say this strongly enough: It should not be relied on for selecting which AI tool is right for your organization. ILTA Organization type: 143 R E S P O N S E S Law Firm — 90.91% Law Department — 3.50% Other — 5.59% Brad Blickstein June 2020

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