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10 E ver since AI first started grabbing major headlines almost a decade ago, we've been bombarded with warnings that robots will ultimately put us out of work and AI will eliminate human jobs. While these fears have calmed down a bit from the height of the becoming-sentient, rise-of- the-machines fervor, many people, including lawyers, remain skeptical of AI and how it might impact their future career trajectory. There's no question that AI has had a significant impact on nearly every industry, including law. Some have even referred to the rise of AI and advanced technologies as a cyber-industrial revolution. Nonetheless, we're far from any scenario where machines are poised to obviate the need for creative thinking, fact pattern discernment and client advocacy at the heart of an attorney's legal acumen. Rather than replacing lawyers, AI is helping lawyers to streamline their workflows, securely fulfill their professional and ethical duties and better serve their clients. While the legal industry has not necessarily been on the front lines when it comes to adopting AI, law firms should be looking for ways to capitalize on the benefits it can offer if they want to increase efficiency and remain competitive in the AI: A Lawyer's Frenemy? B Y T O M A S S U R O S future. Learning to navigate the love-hate relationship the industry currently has with AI starts with understanding the roles AI is actually playing and recognizing AI is more a benefit than a threat. Facing Our AI Fears While most lawyers understand that AI offers a number of benefits and has the potential to create new roles within the legal industry, there's still a fear among many that AI will eliminate more jobs than it creates. The reality, however, is that we are far from the days of robo-lawyers, if they ever even come to be.

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