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I L T A W H I T E P A P E R | I N F O R M A T I O N G O V E R N E N C E 38 Darrell Mervau is a co-founder and president of FileTrail Inc., a global leader in records management and information governance, where he provides the vision and overseas product strategies that have propelled FileTrail to its current market leadership position. Having spent his entire career in the field of information management and governance, Mervau previously held executive roles with two different start-up companies and was instrumental in their early growth and successful sale. Mr. Mervau can be reached via email at the matter close date, reducing storage requirements by 30-70%. This translates to significant cost savings in onsite and/or cloud storage. You can also work with the office of the general counsel to present the risk factors in failing to comply with retention periods specified by clients or by the firm and in retaining sensitive data for longer than strictly necessary, including increased exposure to security breaches, litigation, fines and reputational damage. Presenting metrics and graphical reporting from your information governance system to demonstrate current levels of compliance can be particularly informative and persuasive. Furthermore, it's worth educating your information governance committee about the configurability and flexibility of your proposed workflows. A firm that prefers to take a more cautious approach to disposing of a large volume of electronic records can do so in stages (e.g., disposing of all matter files more than 10 years old as a first step) or with extra review cycles. Realizing the Full Potential of Paper-Lite One thing is certain: Left unchecked, the information elephant will continue to grow. For most firms, the volume of digital information received and produced on a daily basis is staggering. Data growth is likely to continue at an accelerated pace, and the strain on firm resources could soon reach the breaking point for many. Taking a more proactive approach to electronic disposition is a critical step toward more effective information governance, risk management and client service delivery and more cost-efficient use of your digital infrastructure. By eliminating the backlog of electronic records that are no longer needed and automating retention and disposition moving forward, firms can take control and finally start to realize the full rewards of transitioning to "paperless" and "paper- lite" environments. ILTA T H E E L E P H A N T I N T H E R O O M : T H E H I D D E N C O S T S A N D R I S K S O F E L E C T R O N I C R E C O R D S R E T E N T I O N B O N U S C O N T E N T ! In this associated article podcast, Darrell Mervau, President of FileTrail, sits down with ILTA to talk all things Information Governance. His fantastically titled article "The Elephant in the Room: The Hidden Costs and Risks of Electronic Records Retention", starts out the White Paper conversation. Listen along as we talk about changing and adapting to new legal tech, how IG must continue to evolve as we head in to 2020, and what's next for File Trail, ILTA, and IG. Tune in here! ยป

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