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I L T A W H I T E P A P E R | M A R K E T I N G T E C H N O L O G Y 18 B Y J A C Q U E L I N E M A D A R A N G Experience Management: A Tale of Two Firms D espite differences in goals, practices, and strategies for winning new business, many firms experience similar underlying pain points. I observed this first hand when making a recent move between firms. Both Blank Rome and my prior firm had attempted to tackle the siloed data problem with first generation and homegrown experience solutions. While the solutions promised improvement, there were common shortcomings in easily integrating all relevant firm data sources, customizing and expanding the system to meet changing business needs, and locating and leveraging data to meet ever evolving requirements. For example, after a challenging experience using a legacy solution, my former business development team retreated to individually tracking experience in spreadsheets and re-using content from previous proposals. Resulting silos made it difficult to find the best experiences to leverage team wide. Proposal content was inconsistent, and the process was painfully slow due to manual intervention at each step of the process. Blank Rome had similar challenges when trying to make a go of a now defunct experience solution. Unfortunately, the system the vendor delivered didn't match up to marketing promises, wasting cycles and burning budget. In the end, both firms chose a more strategic platform for business development to collect, enhance, and use data to help win and keep new business. I was

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