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I L T A W H I T E P A P E R | K N O W L E D G E M A N A G E M E N T 26 Replace internal email with chats and posts in Teams. This reduces Inbox clutter and reserves email for important client communications and other matter. The information stored in Teams is searchable and it builds content for your organization. Track projects in Teams and use integrated tools such as Microsoft Planner, Flow and Power BI to augment. Maintain control of the backend. Use the information governance tools in Teams and Office 365 to secure and control personal identifiable information. Decide whether to allow guest access for certain teams and channels. Spend time setting up your initial set of teams and channels. Matter and case management can be accomplished with Teams by combining the software with OneNote and OneDrive for both internal and external collaboration. And there are now options for DMS integration with Teams. 1 2 3 4 Take advantage of existing integrations. Teams integrates with many applications and add-ons, including traditional knowledge management software like ZenDesk. Spend time looking through the Apps directory. You can also develop your own apps if you have a custom need. Any time, any platform. Teams is cloud-based and independent of platform which means you can access information from any device. This includes mobile, browser, and desktop. Project and vendor consolidation. Given the multifunctionality of Teams, you may eliminate some third-party tools. Teams includes chat, scheduling, video and audio conferencing, white board and more. Provide some training for better user adoption. At minimum, IT staff need to read the release notes and be familiar with the roadmap for Teams. By doing so, they can identify and anticipate when specific features will make their 5 6 7 8 way into the product. CIOs and CSOs need to be informed about information governance in Teams. Attorney and staff benefit from either a short training session to get started on Teams, a quick reference guide, or one more videos for just in time learning. One of the most important training concepts is how to control notifications and how to favorite and follow specific discussions. Video and conferencing is good. If you are looking to reduce your software footprint, try using the built-in video and audio conferencing available through Teams. There is also a record of calls that take place from within channels and this information can also be controlled through information governance. Teams channels can be customized to add KM libraries and easily integrated into your firm's intranet with additional features such as Flow and Forms to help with consolidation of KM tools. 9 10 B Y D O N N A PAY N E A N D C H A D E R G U N 10 Things to Know for Using Microsoft Teams for Knowledge Management B O N U S C O N T E N T ! Join long-time ILTA Volunteer and mentor Donna Payne, CEO of the PayneGroup, as she sits down with Chad Ergun, Chief Information Officer at Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, as they discuss all things KM. Tune in here! ยป

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