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About ILTA Technolo solutions for law organizations and legal departments gets more complex every day. Connecting with your peers to exchange ideas with those who have "been there done that" has never been more valuable. For over three decades, the International Legal Technolo Association (ILTA) has led the way in sharing knowledge and experience for those faced with challenges in their organizations and legal departments. ILTA members include organizations of all sizes and all areas of practice, all sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession. Learn more at Statement of Purpose ILTA provides the premier environment for peer connections, education and collective intelligence to leverage the strategic advantages of technolo in the legal profession. Disclaimer This report is designed for use as a general guide and is not intended to serve as a recommendation or to replace the advice of experienced professionals. If expert assistance is desired, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Neither ILTA nor any author or contributor shall have liability for any person's reliance on the content of or any errors or omissions in this publication. Copyright Notice Copyright © ILTA 2019. All rights reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced in any manner or medium whatsoever without the prior written permission of ILTA. To request permission for use, contact publications@ Published by ILTA c/o Editor, 159 N. Sangamon Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60607. C hange is everywhere - from the ways in which we consume everyday products, to how we run our businesses, to how we buy our groceries. We are in the changing of the seasons in North America, and beginning to look towards the New Year. At the heart of the inherent concept of change is that of innovation; innovation is no longer an abstract concept, but something that is directly applicable in our everyday lives. The legal industry is no different: everywhere in our firms, we are talking about innovation, whether it is in the delivery of legal services; how to manage our departments; or how to challenges topics like wellness or lack of diversity. Our firms are looking to Knowledge Management (KM) Professionals to help lead this change in their organizations - whether it's through bringing the use of Artificial Intelligence to life in our law firms; using analytics to drive change and make decisions; applying design thinking and empathy mapping to existing processes; looking at our organizational information from a 3,000 foot view to connect the dots and improve the client experience; or simply applying the lessons learned in KM and helping translate them to other firm-wide change incentives. In last year's white paper, we challenged the KM community to put a spotlight on innovation and transformation. This year, we raise the bar and ask our KM community to show us examples of true innovation and change in action. In this white paper, our authors discuss how to look at innovation within our organizations through the lens of our unique industry. How could your firm reorganize the IT department in a new way to allow it to serve the day-to-day needs and still be agile and innovative? What are some ideas on how to leverage AI to capture all the data in your organization in one place? We will also hear from the next generation of industry leaders on the challenges and opportunities they see ahead for Knowledge Management professionals, in light of the major processes that have been revamped over the past few years. We also dig into how we can use tools like our firm's CRM systems to deepen client relationships and strengthen the bond between our clients and our lawyers. In addition, we have a new feature this year in KM White Paper - two engaging podcasts on relevant hot topics - Microsoft Teams and Enterprise Search meets Experience Management. Please share this publication with a friend, use it as an opportunity to inspire a colleague or your team, or use it as a tool to create your goals for 2020. A big thank you goes out to all of the authors and their organizations, the content coordinating team for their support, and the amazing editorial staff for editing the articles and shepherding this great thought leadership piece through to publication. ILTA Introduction Rachel Shields Williams Senior Manager, Experience Management Sidley Austin LLP

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