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26 L aw firms are continually searching for new ways to solve problems using technolo but often run into a familiar scenario: A firm has identified a process that needs improvement but struggles to articulate the solution and bring a better process to life. Challenges with mapping existing processes, creating new processes, or implementing and adopting improved workflows can create roadblocks to innovation. Regardless of initial struggles, firms who invest in process improvement are already on the road to future success, staying one step ahead of competition. As process improvement techniques and technolo become more widely adopted and firms start to reap the benefits of more effective ways of working, those firms that haven't adapted will be at a significant competitive disadvantage that is only going to get worse the longer they delay. In short, firms must prioritize process improvement now to ensure they aren't left behind. The Promise of Process Improvement The benefits of better processes are fairly well recognized within the legal industry. They include more consistent service delivery, reduced risk of human error, improved efficiency, better communication and workflow tracking and improved data capture. All of these improvements are worthy landmarks along the road to the final destination—business growth. That's what future success comes down to, retaining current clients and winning new business. Growth won't come easy, and it won't come to those who wait. Competition from disruptors within the legal market means that client loyalty is more important than ever before, but firms that provide unfailingly Future-Proof a Law Firm With Process Improvement B Y T O M M A C D O N A L D consistent, innovative legal services won't have to worry when other firms come courting their clients. That's what process improvement delivers. Taking Process Improvement Further Because of the potential benefits of process improvement, the practice has been quietly gaining ground in the legal industry for years and is seen by many as one of the most dependable strategies to improve productivity throughout the firm. As legal technolo advances, so must legal processes. Many firms already have some process improvement initiatives in place, but they are often department-based or ad hoc. While these point-solution-style processes will certainly result in minor, temporary gains in productivity, they leave the true power of your team undiscovered.

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