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7 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT ILTA 2018 KM Survey: Growth, New Technology, and Familiar Challenges formally leading or co-leading such initiatives in nearly 60% (2018) of organizations with such programs, as compared to 50% (2016). The Future Respondents agreed that KM's current and future role is expanding to play a larger role in overall business strategy of legal organizations. When asked where one's organization sees legal KM heading in the next five years, the following narrative answers are representative: » The role of KM may merge with innovation/R&D with more emphasis/focus on the laer than more "traditional" KM. » KM's role will be recognized as a discipline focused on increasing efficiencies in the performance of legal services. » Legal KM as a discipline is and has been expanding into other areas of effort such as innovation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, collaboration, and data analytics. That said, KM continues to face familiar "people and process" challenges, such as: » Aorneys have been slow to accept change, and marketing our achievements is a challenge. » Resistance from aorneys is the biggest challenge. » Change management is the mountain that won't move or we can't traverse. As a consequence, much of the advice given by respondents to the 2008 KM survey is as salient today as it was then: » Be prepared to evangelize; publicize what you do. » Ensure initiatives are aligned with firm strategy. » Remember, it's about people not technology. Legal KM is still a people business, aer all. (No maer how much ink is spilled about robot lawyers.) ILTA DANIEL WOOD Daniel is the Director of Counsel Assistance at the Case Management Facility ("CMF") for Womble Bond Dickinson. He assures that CMF clients – both in-house legal departments and their law firms – have the training and other reporting assistance to effectively use their case management systems. With more than two decades of experience as a senior trial paralegal and case coordinator, Daniel actively helps users navigate legal knowledge management case repositories created by the CMF. With a client-first emphasis, he seeks creative ways to solve research and reporting challenges. His recent efforts focus on the use of artificial intelligence in both the intake and output of case information, leveraging data to better provide cost savings and predictive analytics. He actively seeks new and inventive technology to disrupt and reimagine legal work processes.

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