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48 T he trend of new law firm floorplans that skip the big corner offices means that an increasing number of lawyers are choosing to work outside the office. As their laptops and phones get thinner and, at the same time, more powerful, lawyers want the flexibility to work from any device or location — and they want IT to figure out the details. Luckily, secure and productive mobility has never been more possible. Lighter hardware, feature-rich software, and intuitive security are culminating in a new zenith for mobility. Identity-based access balances security with ease-of-use Keeping data secure used to mean adding complexity. Today the cloud offers new ways to balance tight security with ease-of-use and productivity-enhancing features. As they embrace cloud technologies, law firms are encountering unprecedented possibilities for mobile work. More cloud generally equals more convenience, in the office and in the mobile experience, for IT as well as for the end-user. Single sign-on capability, a major advance for mobility, is a prime example of this principle. With single sign-on, attorneys can access the programs and documents they need on a variety of devices with a single set of credentials. From the other end, identity-based sign-on offers the firm a way to loosely manage any device that has access to its resources. In the world of SaaS, identity is all- important, regardless of device. The cloud unifies and then verifies identity as needed. This sort of conditional access has already been in use by personal technologies like banking websites and Gmail; logging in on a new device requires multi-factor authentication. Now this technolo has come to the enterprise, and it is even easier. The benefits of the cloud model and identity-based security extend to work and personal laptops and computers, as well as to mobile devices like phones and tablets. Security in the cloud The surge in mobility, for all its positive implications for productivity, used to make IT and security departments nervous. The unauthorized spread of private data seemed impossible to fully control. Now SaaS platforms The Cloud Opens a New Frontier in Mobility B Y C H R I S O W E N S

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